Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lactic Fermented Food

Lactic fermented food, also called natural pickles, are of all ages and of all cultures.
I use Annelies Schonecks book for over 25 years now, in the beginning I used earthen pickle jars, but those jars were way to heavy, and made pickling hard labour.
Since 3 years I use the jars of the Perfect Pickler, and since then, I enjoy pickling much more.

My basic pickle is sauerkraut: with  3 kg white cabbage, 30 gr sea salt, 20 grams fresh grated ginger and some dried herbs (clove pods, bay leaves,fennel, juniper berries, etc...) I make a very healthy pickle that reduces cholesterol, stimulates digestion, lowers high blood pressure and is just a delicious thing to eat. Indeed a pickle a day keeps the doctor away.
And of course, the sky is the limit, you do not have to limit yourself to white cabbage: with Napa cabbage you can make a delicious kimchi, last month I made for the first time pumpkin pickles, in the past I made pickles  with asparagus, and with sourdough bread and apples, and I will still experiment in the future.
Sometimes you can find books about pickling, where they use vinegar: natural pickling is never done with vinegar, as vinegar pickles contains not the beneficial bacteries you can find in lactic fermented food.

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