Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Improve your Health

OK, now that we have established what Yin and Yang is, we gonna use those forces to harmonize our lives.
If you need personal advice, you always can contact me, the advice I give in this blog, is a general advice.
To make it easier I will give Yin and Yang grades, and for every recipe I give, I will put the grade of the dish in the recipe.
The closer to zero, the better. The most Yin you will find here are Yin -5, the most Yang will be Yang +5, not that Yin is negative or bad, and Yang is positive or good, it is just a grading system as any other.
Sugar is Yin -20 , so I never use sugar, honey is Yin -10, so you will not find honey in my recipes.
Yin -5 and Yang +5 dishes can be eaten, except by people recovering from an illness.
For people with cancer, I first advise you to see the macrobiotic counselor in your region, and stay for your food between Yin -2 and Yang +2. All will be more clear when we go along together on the path of health and happiness.
The first thing you should stop eating is processed food and restaurant food: as from now your food will be your medicine, and I am afraid that the "cook" of the McDonald's is not the best doctor, as he does not have your health in  mind when he prepare the  food.
Then we stop with refined food; no white flour, no white rice, no sugar.
If this runs well, we stop first with pork, eggs and dairy as this gives us the most mucus.
Then we stop with all meat and chicken, be sure I will give you some real healthy alternatives, like vegan nuggets, vegan meatloaf, vegan cheese, vegan burgers, all things you can make yourself at home, and that is the only guarantee for healthy food .
Ok next blog wil be about soy products, cu tomorrow

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