About us

Hi there !
My name is Gee (pronounced the French way like in Guy Laroche).
I was born in Mechelen (Belgium) on 8th March 1955 at 4 am. (which makes me a typical Pisces), but my doctor says my body is 10 years younger than my age due to my  healthy way of life. I am single and do not have children. I became macrobiotic in 1977, worked for 25 years for the airlines and decided to retire myself in March 2007, after which I moved to The Land of Smiles : Thailand, where I live now (in Bangkok).
The first year I was here, I studied Thai massage at the oldest medical school in the world, the Wat Po, where I got one certificate for Traditional Royal Thai Massage, and one certificate for Aroma Therapy. I also attended Thai vegetarian cooking school from the world famous May Kaidee, she teaches all over the world.
At home I cook vegan macrobiotic and as I live in the tropics, I cook rather Yin style, I call it macrobiotropics .
I also learned a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine and my Bible is "Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions And Modern Nutrition", in which Paul Pitchford not only explains what works, but also why it works, and gives many healthy recipes.