Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yin Yang 2

To put it more graphic, please check this image:
You should always eat from Yang to Yin, not only in your day, but also in your meal.
In your day: the breakfast should be the most yang meal, whole cereals and cooked vegetables, a miso soup is ideal, of a Thai rice soup is also a valid alternative.
No fruits before 18.00. Do not drink during just before or just after your meals, as this dilute the digestive juices, and when you drink, you have the tendency to swallow, and not to chew.
Chewing is very, very important.
On above picture you should see that eating closer to the point of Balance is better, surely in the beginning of your diet, or when you are in bad health: the closer you stay to the point of Balance, the faster you will get healthy

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