Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As I love nature, I do not use a lot of soap, as most soaps are not nature friendly, so I save nature and I save money.
For my clothes, I use only 30% of the dose that is mentioned on the box.
For the dishes, I dilute the detergent with 300 % water, and even then I do not use it every time as vegan cooking is not very greasy.
For showering, I take the most natural soap possible.

For myself, I found a small factory nearby: they have 8 fragrances, my preferred fragrance is Carrot Herb Soap, but that is probably because I am a foodie .
Of course, you can always make your own soap too. Here are some books if you want to start:

Sometimes, I am invited by friends to go to the beach, and then I make my own sun protection:
sesame oil with lemon juice: you can even use it to season your salads.
Have a clean day, and leave a comment when you want to.

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