Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exercises Part I

These exercises, everybody can do, even if you are sick or in a wheelchair: the exercises stimulate your immune system.
Picture  1: massage very well with both hands your skull and face. As you can see in picture 2, there are many meridians on the head and they all need stimulation. Do not forget the back of your head. just under the skull .
Picture 3: put your finger in your ear and shake your hand so that the vibrations of your hand stimulate the inner ear, both sides.
Picture 4: massage as hard as possible your ear, inside, outside and the ear lobe, both sides.
Picture 5: put your fingers on your eyes and gently push inwards and massage your eyeballs.
These exercises are so easy and do not take too much time, but they have to be done daily.
After a few weeks of daily massages you will feel the result.
This technique is known as Do-in.
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