Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The word "meal" comes from the word "to mill" so this means time to chew, as when we chew, we mill our food with our teeth.
I am a 2 meal-a-day men:
when I wake up in the morning, I just drink a glass of rice milk, and even that I chew, at 11.00 I have my lunch, mostly brown rice with cooked veggies and pickled veggies. When, the day before I had dinner outside my own kitchen, my lunch is only brown rice and pickled vegetables. My lunch is easy to digest.
My dinner, which I take at 17.00, is more elaborated and with less rice as at lunch.
Most of the times it is brown rice (I only eat green tea GABA brown jasmine rice), vegetables and a vegan burger.
I don't drink just before, during or just after my meals, as I don't to dilute my digestive juices.
During day time, I drink about 1 liter of water, in which I add the juice of one lemon.
Some people need more meals a day, only a few people need one meal a day.
I rarely eat raw vegetables, except for grated carrot or grated diakon.
In my fridge, I always keep at least 5 types of pickled vegetables, and of course, my brown rice which I cook for a whole week.
I try to avoid food that is too  hot or too cold, body temperature is more than warm enough.
Sometimes I am invited for a few days to go to the beach, and those days I miss my brown rice and pickles the most. Those days I eat mostly seafood. The only fast food chain that I visit is Subway, where I eat a wheat vegetarian sandwich without cheese (less than once a month).
As you see I mostly eat whole grains, sometimes I eat whole grain noodles (once a month) and sometimes, to spoil myself, I buy a whole wheat sourdough bread (less than once a month), that I eat with my home made sauerkraut and brown mustard.

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