Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diagnosis 2

We saw already in Diagnosis 1 how you can diagnose yourself through the content of your dreams, your thinking and your behavior; today I will take about diagnose through your looks.
We start with the eyes and what the Chinese call Sanpaku:
when a baby is born, the iris, or colored part of the eye, is usually beautifully balanced between the upper and lower eye lids. It touches the upper and lower lids, so that no white, or sclera, shows above or below. The sclera is visible only to the left and right of the iris. This indicates a balanced and healthy nervous system. The baby is alert and in generally sound health.
Later, when the bottom part of the white part of the eye known as the sclera becomes visible it is referred to as 'Yin Sanpaku' by the Chinese. It represents physical imbalance in the body, and is present in alcoholics, drug addicts and people who over consume sugar or grain. Conversely when the upper sclera is visible this is called 'Yang Sanapaku'. This is said to be an indication of mental imbalance in people such as psychotics, murderers and anyone rageful. Stress and fatigue may also be a cause. When you see the mug shots of the murders in the USA, you will see that they are all very Sanpaku.
The hair: if the front of the head is bald: too much Yin (sugar, drugs, alcohol). When the back of the head is bald (like you see with a lot of Chinese living in the West), there is too much Yang in the body (meat, mostly pork). When long hair splits, there is a problems with the genitals, that problem is confirmed when the lips starts to "ripple" like you can see in with most old people.
When the lips are too thick, it is a problem with the digestive system; that person will spend a lot of time on the toilet every day. When in normal relax mode, the lips are ajar, that is also a sign of too much Yin in the nervous system.
Bags under the eyes is of course showing a problem with the kidneys, green color in the iris of the eye means cancer.
Long hair is relative Yin, that is why ladies have longer hair then men; short hair is Yang.
But we may not forget that extreme Yin can go to Yang again, so some guys have long hair and are Yang, but they are the exception. Ladies on long heels and with a lot of make up are very Yin.
Guys with a big top of the nose have a heart condition, mostly from alcohol, in the 5 elements theory, which I will discuss later, we see that unhealthy kidneys "attack" the heart, so alcoholics have mostly heart conditions.
Short people are more Yang than long people; we can see in the statistics that children in the west grow taller than any time before, this due to the high amounts of sugar that is consumed in all that junk food and the soda pops.
My teacher for Oriental Diagnosis was Dr Rik Vermuyten, but, of course, Rik is in no way responsible for any statement I make.OK I will write more about diagnosis next week.
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