Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Food becomes Medicine

As a few days ago, I had to eat out, I had some mucus in my respiratory system, and as today I am invited on my embassy for a party, I wanted to cook something to clear my system.
At least 2 times a month I make a combination of fried broccoli and carrot, this time I added 3 times more fresh grated  ginger than usual: ginger stimulates circulation and that is needed for elimination. I added also dried Shitake mushrooms, that I soaked for an hour; Shitake is especially good for eliminating mucus from the lungs.
I added brown GABA rice and pickled pumpkin, the pickled pumpkin brings ease to my large intestine, which following Traditional Chinese Medicine is the partner organ of the lungs. Before going to the party, I will probably take a shot of natural soy sauce , with a lot of fresh ginger.

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