Friday, July 16, 2010

Diagnosis 1

A good diagnosis in very important to heal, and who is better placed than YOU to diagnose yourself?
A few months ago I went with a western guy to the traditional Chinese hospital in Chinatown. While driving his car, he could not stop talking (too Yin), and when we came into the doctors office, I saw that the doctor had diagnosed him before he sat down: she smiled at me, she looks at his tongue, his face, felt the pulses the Chinese way, but that was just to confirm her first diagnosis.
Just to say: when you know what to look for, diagnosis is not that difficult: you just have to find the right book for you (see below).
There are a lot of ways to diagnose ourselves:
our dreams, our thoughts, our behavior; our looks (tongue, eyes, face), our stool, our urine, the first 3 being mental, the latter being physical.
The first symptom that something goes wrong, comes in our dreams:
if we have scary dreams, we have a problem with the kidneys, if we have a lot of anger in our dreams we have a problem with the liver. If we ignore our dreams, the same symptoms will appear in out thoughts, and if we ignore those symptoms, it will show in our behavior; people who are anxious all the time have kidney problems, people who are angry easily have liver problems.
The same way you also can diagnose problems from every organ, it needs just a little bit of study and a lot of experience. I will write more about diagnose through looks, stool and urine next week.

Have a nice weekend everybody!!


  1. The best advice given to me by a friend is to keep a medical journal so that I can wrote down the symptoms I felt. That will make the job of doctors easier.

  2. Yes indeed, Aura, a very good idea if you want to fine tune your health!


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