Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crunchy Carrots

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Here another recipe for some crunchy carrot pickles.
4 big carrots 800 gr
1 onion 200 gr
2 green apples 200 gr
10 gr garlic
10 gr freshly grated ginger
4 cylantro (coriander) plants (12gr)
2 pinches of thyme
15 crushed seeds star anis
4 leaves of laurel
20 gr natural sea salt
Cut the carrots, onion and apples in match sticks, not too thin, otherwise they will not be crunchy. Mix everything well together and pound it in the mortar, add water till all is covered and close for 10 days on room temperature in your Perfect Pickler pot.
Afterwards you  put in in the frige where the fermentation will continue on a slower pace.Best eaten after two months...if you can wait 

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