Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Chapati is an unleavened flatbread  from the Indian subcontinent. Versions of it are found in Turkmenistan, in East African countries including Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and in West Africa in, among other countries, Ghana.
 Ingredients :
3 cups Fine wholemeal flour 
1 1/2 teaspoon Salt or to taste
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 cup lukewarm water or rice milk
Method :
Put flour in mixing bowl, reserving about half cup for rolling chapatis. Mix salt through the flour in the bowl, then rub in the sesame oil. Add water all at once and mix to a firm but not stiff dough. Knead dough for at least 10 minutes (the more it is kneaded, the lighter the bread will be). Form dough into a ball, cover with clear plastic wrap and stand for 1 hour or longer (if left overnight, the chapatis will be very light and tender. Shape dough into balls about the size of a large walnut. Roll out each one on a lightly floured board (using reserved flour) to a circular shape as thin as a French crepe. After rolling out chapatis, heat a griddle plate or  your BBQ until very hot, and grill the chapatis, starting with those that were rolled first.Turn and grill the other side a further minute, pressing lightly around the edges of the chapati with a folded tea towel. This encourages bubble to form and make the chapatis light. As each one is cooked, wrap in a clean tea towel until all are ready. Serve immediately with pickles or vegetable dishes.

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