Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tempeh Nuggets

Marinated tempeh fried in flour and salt with ...Image via Wikipedia
When I saw Jamie Oliver making chicken nuggets, I wanted to replace all what is not healthy and try to make vegan nuggets with tempeh.
1 bloc of tempeh (150 gr/5 oz), cut in 16 pieces
1 table spoon of arrowroot
0.5 tea spoon sea salt
1 tea spoon ginger  powder
3 table spoons  chick pea flour or whole wheat flour
other dried herbs at your taste.
Put the arrowroot in some water and cook, while stirring, till transparent, and pour it on a cold plate. Put the arrowroot paste with a kitchen brush on the tempeh in a thin layer and afterwards roll the tempeh in the mix of the flour, salt, ginger and herbs.
Put the tempeh in an oiled pan, with a lid that is smaller than the pan, so the lid will rest on the tempeh,that will give the tempeh a more fried look.
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