Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tempeh is fermented cooked soybean, originally from Indonesia, but lucky for us, it founds it way all over the world, via the health food stores.
I prefere tempeh over tofu for many reasons: if the tempeh get older, it gets more "cheezy", tempeh is a fermented product, tofu is not, tempeh contains vitamine B12 (except the tempeh made in the USA, as the FDA applies some strict rules about "hygiene").
The best way to serve tempeh is to marinate a few hours in a bit of soy sauce and ginger, and then bake it in some sesame oil. But it is also delicious grated for spaghetti sauce in stead of meat, or even in soups, but don't forget to fry it first.You can make burgers with it, tempeh chips and a lot more.
Here are some books about tempeh

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