Monday, August 2, 2010

The Stool

Toilet bowl
A daily check of your stool and urine can tell you also a lot of what goes on in your body, as "what goes in" minus "what goes out" = the health of your body.
First the frequency:
the best frequency is close to the number of meals (except while fasting of course).
Second the form:
stool that is soft, loose and floating indicate a yin/ expanded condition, the extreme case would be, of course, diarrhoea. Stools that are firm, well-formed (S shaped) and floating indicate a healthy, balanced condition.
Stools that are small, hard and sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl indicate yang / contracted condition. The extreme case would be yang constipation.
If after stool, you need to use a lot of paper, this means that your stool is too Yin too, one to two wipes should be enough.
Third the color: brown is healthy, dark brown/black is too Yang, yellow to green is too Yin.
Now the urine:
more than 5 times a day and it looks like water? Too Yin, so you should drink less, less than 5 times a day and dark color? Too Yang , so you should drink more.
For women: menstruation: 5-8 days? Too Yin, adapt your diet. Normal periods should last 3-4 days.

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