Tuesday, August 10, 2010


How I came to health food?
I was born in 1955 and most of my young life, my father was working for Dr.Oetker, specialized in cake and dessert mixes. So I was fed a lot of sugar and unhealthy foods. When I was 20 I was diagnozed with epilepsy, and I knew I was on the wrong path.
So I started searching. Once, age 22,  I attended a yoga class and there was a magazine "The Natural Way" from the organization with the same name, and I read that they organized a one week macrobiotic training in Brittany (France) so I registered.
I traveled all the way to Brittany and the minute I walk into the farm where the training was held, my life changed: it was like I found the key, the compass to find my way trough the Universe.
That week I lost 10 kilograms and I was never sick again. I quit my job and started working for "The Natural Way" in their hotel on the Belgian coast where I learned the basics of cooking , as I never had cooked before. After six months I moved to Ghent (BE) where I started working for Frans Copers in  his macrobiotic restaurant Sue En.
From him I learned the most, I stayed there 3 years till Frans moved to Japan. Meanwhile I had the chance to meet Michio and Aveline Kushi, Dr Mark Vancauwenberhge  and later on, Dr Rik Vermuyten, all famous macrobiotic teachers.
The most I learned was by experimenting on myself as experience is the best master.
This posting is dedicated to Sunee

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