Friday, August 13, 2010

The 5 Elements

The 5 Elements system of the "Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine" serves as aid for understanding the correspondences between every facet of life; the system takes a diagnostic step towards unification of the person, including organs, emotions, body parts, and environment, linking these with the 5 dynamic categories that empower and control one another by means of creation and control cycles.

The 5 Elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.
5 elementsHere is the cycle of Creation:
Woods burns to make Fire,
whose ashes decompose into Earth,
where are born and mined Metals,
which enrich Water,
which nourishes trees (Wood).

And there is a cycle of Control:
Wood is cut by Metal,
Fire is extinguished by Water, 
Earth is penetrated by Wood,
Metal is melted by Fire,
Water is channeled by Earth.

In a serie of articles we will discuss every element seperately aswell as its relations with our organs and emotions, and how to eat to support the order of the Universe. At the end of the serie, we will  explain the relations between all the elements.

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