Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 5 Elements: the first Element is Wood

Please read first my introduction to the 5 elements .
The first element is Wood. Wood is the element of liver and gall bladder, and rules  the ligaments and the tendons.
 The emotion related to the liver is anger and impatience: when you have angry dreams, then is the first sign that something is wrong with your liver, then angry thoughts, then shouting, and when you get angry actions: this means your situation starts to be critical.
The sour taste is the taste related to Wood : eating sour is good for the liver. The eyes are influenced by the health of the liver.
In nature we see Wood as wind, as spring, as birth, as green, as sour, as east and the Wood grains are wheat and oat.
In spring we should pay special attention to the liver: eat less, very light, young plants, fresh greens, germed grains, raw foods, cook short time, steam vegetables;
fast 3-4 days to clean the liver of the fats and heavy foods of winter.

Reduce your intake of miso, salt and soy sauce and all animal food and alcohol. Sweet and pungent food is recommended: sweet are ognion, carrot, etc.... Pungent are basil, rosemary, ginger, dill, bay leave etc...

If the liver is healthy, not much can go wrong in your life as it will be free of stress and anger.

If the liver AND the kidneys are perfect, your life will be perfect!

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