Monday, August 9, 2010


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Why do we grow hair? Why do men have more hair than women?  Why beard and moustache?
From personal experience I know that growing body hear, especially on the torso, is from eliminating protein: 3 years ago, when I went complete vegan, I started to grow a lot of hair on my tummy, it was so bad that I had to shave my tummy 3 times in one month.
So the more proteine that you eat, the more body hair you will grow. Did you know that the average body grows 11 kilometers of hair a year?
Of course our forefathers in the ice age, ate more protein than their female partners, as the men were hunters, had first access to the meat and needed more protein for the next hunt.
As it was very cold, the hair grow on the area that needed the most protection against the icy weather, the face.
That is my theory; what do you think?

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