Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 5 Elements: the second Element is Fire

The first element was Wood.
Today we are going to write about the second element: Fire.
Fire is the element  of the heart and the small intestine, and rules the blood and the vessels.
The emotion related to the heart is joy: when you are overjoyous, and we laught too much for no apperent reason,this is not always a good sign. Depression too, is a sign of a bad heart condition.
The bitter taste is the taste related to fire : eating bitter is good for the heart. The tongue and speech are influenced by the health of the heart.
In nature we see fire as heat, as summer, as growth, as red, as bitter, as south and the fire grains are corn and amaranth.
In summer we should pay special attention to the heart: eat plenty of bright colored food, and enjoy creating beautifull meals, cook lightly and occasionally add some spicy flavor. Be sure to add food with minerals and oils in your diet as you loose a lot by sweating.
Cold drinks and ice cream should be avoided: in summertime you should drink hot drinks and take warm showers to feel more comfortable.
To cool the body down serve some salads, sprouted beans, tofu, cucumber etc...Also cayenne , fresh ginger and limes should have a place in your summer diet.
Avoid heavy food as meats, eggs, excesses of nuts and seeds and eat less grains in % of your whole plate.
Also try to move more: swimming, riding the bike, take long walks, stretching are all good exercises for the summer time and good for the heart.
People with a healthy heart are friendly, humble and see everything very clear; they are born problem solvers. Scroll down to see the first Element.

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