Thursday, September 2, 2010


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2 months ago, a new restaurant opened on my street (Onnut) and it was managed by 2 Hungarians, the first foreign restaurant in the whole region. They offer foreign and thai food at reasonable prices: .They only employ local Onnut people, and all staff is very nice, so 1 month ago I started to go there, though they do not really make my kind of food, but I love the company. Very strange for me, but they really attract an international crowd, more international that I ever have seen in Bangkok. Eric, the drummer of the well know group Loso, comes there almost every day, but I meet people of every nationality there, and also 50 % of customers are Thai or Chinese Thai.One month ago, Ivan , one of the owners, told me it is very difficult to find good sauerkraut (กะหล่ำปลีดอง) so I told him I make sauerkraut for almost 20 years. He told me to deliver some samples and I did, and I did not hear from him for the next 3 weeks :PBut today I got an email: he wanted to talk about business so I went to see him and he asked me how many kilograms I can provide.I told him I make about 3 kg a month for personal consumption, and he told me that he needed at least 20 kg a month, as they just LOVED my sauerkraut , but I needed to use less "kraut" (herbs) and I know I use too much ginger, cloves and juniper berries, as for me it is a medicine, but for them they want to use it with other ingredients and then it is too strong. They say they want to take now 20 kg a month but I need to upgrade my "factory" to deliver much more in the future:D

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