Monday, September 6, 2010

Sauerkraut part 2

Now that I have a customer for my sauerkraut, I have to get the best white cabbage possible.
I phoned a few organic farms, the first told me to call back in December, but the second (Rangsit Organic Farm) could deliver at my place. So I ordered 30 lbs (15 kilogram) of white cabbage and they will bring it tomorrow at 6 am.
Normally the white cabbage costs 30 thb (1USD) for 2 lbs (1kg), but the organic ones cost 70 thb (2.2 USD) for 2 lbs, so I am very curious if I will be able to taste the difference.
I will not use my kitchen robot anymore, but I will use my sauerkraut cutter, that gives me much more pleasure.

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